Frequently Asked Questions


#1.  “Where do I enter the “Promotion Code” when I am checking out on the website?”

When you’ve entered the shopping cart on the left side of the page there is a two-toned box. The bottom portion (blue) is where you should enter the promo code and then click “apply.”


#2. “Can I enter the “Promotion Code” from my current catalog to take advantage of the catalog offers on the website?”

Yes, but please keep in mind that you cannot combine web and catalog promotions or multiple offers on one order.


#3. “Why do I not see the discount or promotion deducted from my order when I am ready to check out?”

The promotion amount deducted will appear to the right side of the page under the “My Shopping Cart” frame in the “summary of changes” box prior to completion of the checkout prior to placing the order.


#4. “How do I locate an item that I see in the catalog on the website?”

Type the item name or the item number in the search box (top right of the page).


#5. “How do I see the color I selected on the wig image for the style I am considering?”

Unfortunately, this feature is currently unavailable.


#6. “How can I enlarge the wig image or see alternate views of the wig I am considering?”

To enlarge the image, simply hover the point over the image. To see alternative views of the image (where available) simply click on the link (See All Alternative Views).


#7. “How do I retrieve or re-set my password to place an order and checkout?”

Click my account, then click “Forgot your password? Click here.”


#8. “How do I review my previous order history with your site?”

1)    Create an account prior to purchasing

2)    Post purchasing sign into your account

3)    Click order history


#9. “If I locate a promotional code/offer from another website, why does it not generate the offer during checkout?”

Each of the promotion/offer codes are specific to the individual website and cannot be used on our website. Many offer or promotion codes found on websites other than ours may be expired or no longer valid.


#10. “Why am I unable to review the complete wig specification or color descriptions once I have selected a style I am interested in?”

You can click the name or the image to view the product page to see the style you are interested in.


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